Action !

You want to act and warn people about the Ortolan poaching? Do it NOW!

Just call on the Minister of the Interior.

How to do that ?
Step 1 : print the letter
You can download the PDF file and print it, then fill it with your name, first name and address on top left of the document. Write down your city and the date of the day and finally don’t forget to sign it at the bottom.
You can also download this ODT document directly before printing with your contact details. You’ll just have to print and sign it.

Step 2 : post the letter
Then you have to post the letter following the address of the Ministry of the Interior which is written on our document.

You can also fill the contact form of the Ministry of the Interior following the process mentioned by LPO (Protected Birds League) on their website..

Then Share our game “Ortolandes”

Make your friends aware of this issue by sharing the game on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter using our links on page header.

Follow the LPO (Protected Birds League)

You can follow the actions of the LPO and more particularly the ones to safeguard the Ortolans this early September. Moreover, know more about their actions for protecting biodiversity all over the year.

Then go to LPO Facebook page or follow their Twitter account of this association.