about the game itself

Every year at the end of summer, a protected bird species named ‘le bruant Ortolan’ is endangered by a French tradition dealing with poaching. Because of it and despite the laws, about 30 000 Ortolan birds are captured in France each year. This kind of hunting, which is somehow of profit purpose and often barbarian, still benefits from the goodwill and favour of some local authorities.

“Ortolandes” is a succession of short games in which the player is offered to become an Ortolan migrating towards hot African spots. This game is all about the escalation of a bird’s misfortune, from its capture to its tasting. It also describes the main issue which is the incapacity to protect the species being faced with the weight of traditions. A greater weight to the message given and a purpose of empathy are the guidelines developed in this playful game.

about Casus Ludi

Casus Ludi is a company designing and producing playful experiences. Casus Ludi is more particularly interested in persuasive information, offering someone carrying a message to turn his/her data and statements into a playful and immersive game. Medium related to (newsgame), interactive documentary and participative narration are developed in Casus Ludi.

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about LPO

Every year, the “Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux” (Bird Protection League) and particularly its President Allain Bougrain Dubourg, gets committed in The French Landes to try to make illegal poaching of Ortolan and to make inch birds stop. Creating the Ortolandes game is the way Casus Ludi has in order to get involved into this fight and support the LPO. Find any information you may need about LPO on their website, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

about the music and sounds

Every music and sound in this game was composed by Louis Godard. Louis is a student at the “Conservatoire de Musique” of Nantes. He is fond of videogames and has recently succeeded in mixing both his love for music and game passion by working as a sound designer and composer for videogame projects. To contact Louis, send him an email or find him on LinkedIn.